Every facet of the Neptune, down to the tenth of a millimeter, was designed to bring the spirit of the Golden Age of dive watches to life. Here are some highlights:

The Superdome Crystal

Superdome crystal

True to its diver heritage, the Neptune has a domed plexiglass crystal. Plexiglass offers much better visibility and impact resistance than the more common sapphire. Additionally, any scratches on the crystal can be buffed out easily (with household items such as toothpaste). Coupled with the shape and the curvature of the dome, the crystal truly captures the vibe of the classics.

The Lugs

Drilled lugs

Polished lines run along the side of the case, highlighting the elegant slope of the elongated lugs. Lug holes allow for easy strap changes. 

The Crown

Big crown diver

The crown is big and sexy. It echos the iconic James Bond 6538 Submariner and is a pleasure to wind.

The Hands & Face

Lorier hands

A vintage-style chapter ring encircles the dial. Snow white luminous (Swiss Superluminova BGW9) gives a sharp, fresh look to the hands and markers. We're not fond of faux patina, and if anyone's going to be doing the aging on this watch, it should be you.

The Neptune's updated dauphine hands, with rounded tails and an arrowhead on the hour hand, are sporty and dressy at the same time.

The Bracelet

Tapered bracelet

The bracelet is as special as the watch. The classic 20/16mm taper and flat links harken back to older dive bracelets. The individually articulated links provide maximum comfort on the wrist. Lightweight but solid, it feels like a vintage dive watch bracelet, but won't loosen over time like one. Finally, the screw pins securing the links make resizing a breeze.

 The Movement

The venerable SII NH35A movement powers this watch. Based on Seiko's calibers, it's proven to be durable, easy to repair, and capable of good timekeeping. Plus, it hacks and handwinds. Believe it or not, failure rates are lower than its Swiss counterparts. It simply offers the most for your dollar, making it an easy choice.

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