We're a husband-and-wife team proudly based in New York City. We founded LORIER (pronounced lor-yé) in 2017 out of a love for vintage watches, and most importantly the role they filled: a watch as a companion—the thing that goes with you the most, in every sense of the expression.



Be exceptional in design

To be truly yours, every Lorier is designed so that you'll want to wear it every day. For us, the golden age of watches was the mid-20th century, when a mechanical watch was an accessible instrument rather than a status symbol. Most people only had one watch then, so design had to be purpose-driven, yet versatile.

We don't believe in "beaters" or "grails"— owning a watch should be the beginning of a journey, rather than the end of a hunt.


Put performance over prestige

Everyday wear requires robust, reliable components that are easily repaired or replaced. We'll readily admit that our priority isn't to impart a feeling of luxury. In fact, when it comes to movements, words like pedigree, intricate, or decorated mean little to us.

What matters most is that a watch keeps good time, goes where you go, and does so with style. After all, a watch should spend more time on your wrist than in the repair shop.


Make watches to be worn

Typically, watch brands make modern watches with vintage aesthetics, incorporating popular features made to preserve a watch's appearance—sapphire crystals, ceramic bezels, and hardened coatings. But we believe a watch deserves better than to be treated like jewelry.

Our goal is to make timepieces that look and feel like they came from a certain era: when dive watches were made for divers, field watches for explorers, chronographs for racers and pilots. Like all those legendary vintage references, something that is used well and well-loved should have an appearance that matches the stories it can tell. 

Our wish is for every Lorier to become a true companion, one that goes with you through thick and thin and makes you smile every time it catches your eye. After all, the best watch you could ever own is the one that tells your story.

LORIER models are available for purchase on our website or at Grand Central Watch in New York City. For any questions, please email us at info@lorierwatches.com. We make an effort to answer every email personally.

Lorenzo & Lauren Ortega

Founders, LORIER

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