LORIER (pronounced lor-yé) is based in New York City, owned and operated by husband and wife Lorenzo & Lauren Ortega. Our aim is to democratize well-built, beautiful watches, reviving the classic designs and the intrepid spirit of vintage timepieces. Since entering the market in Spring 2018, Lorier has met critical acclaim in outlets such as Gear Patrol , Worn & Wound, and Teddy Baldassare for producing handsome, rugged, and affordable timepieces that capture the romance of vintage watches while still asserting their own unique identity.

 Our principles

  I. Our watches are built and designed so that you can take them anywhere, for any occasion

We are romantics for a time when people just had one watch and it was their watch. We design each watch in our collection so that it may be the only watch a person needs.

We choose materials and design each component to be durable. Our watches follow a classic aesthetic and are versatile enough to be worn with nearly any outfit. From hiking to fine dining, we build our watches to go with you.


II. Our watches have mechanical movements

Our watches never run on batteries. We make them the old-fashioned waywith hundreds of miniature components working together, powered by you. Poetry in motion.


III. Our watches are accessible

We believe beautiful watches should be worn, not locked away in a jewelry box. We'll continue to produce all our models as long as we are in business, so that our watches are readily available, easy to repair, and easy to replace. All at a price point that won't hinder you from taking them on an adventure. 



We not only design each piece with care and precision, but with passion and soul. We truly hope you enjoy wearing our watches as much as we enjoy making them for you.


Lorenzo & Lauren Ortega


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