"What Lorier has managed to do is undoubtedly impressive....The Lorier models are awesome starter watches, or perfect weekend watches, or, for the right person, some of the only watches that you’ll ever need."  

-Gear Patrol


 "[They have] a lovely elegance....I love the range of influences....These are cracking watches." 

-The Urban Gentry

"The size is perfect, the features look great, and it’s a versatile watch that will serve you on many occasions in your life....It legitimately feels like that great vintage you finally score after months and months of research and hunting. This is a watch that will look great in ten years rather than just look used."

-Two Broke Watch Snobs


"There’s something so elemental with this timepiece that places it squarely in that just-one-watch realm, which is endlessly amazing find with all the right cues." 

-Gear Patrol

"I'm really impressed. In fact, I would go out on a limb to say it might be the best choice for a truly affordable watch maybe aside from a Seiko these days....Really pleasing to wear on a daily basis." 

-Jason Heaton, The Grey NATO (review starts at 3:45)

"Combined with the superb styling, excellent finishing, and the first-in-class bracelet, for $399 the Falcon is a fantastic deal." 


 "The Falcon is a fantastic watch that's perfect for every occasion. This is a welcome addition not only to Lorier's lineup, but to the watch market in general."

-Take Time with Patrick Marlett


"Absolutely superb."

-The Urban Gentry

"The Neptune really is a well made and designed micro-diver with tons of character. The large crown, thin aluminum bezel insert, domed plexiglass crystal, and the tapered bracelet all add up to one very cool watch—and it’s available at an amazingly affordable price."


 "The watch is just simply gorgeous...The case design, the dial, the crown (Oh man that awesome oversized crown), the bracelet (superb), the hands- everything just works cohesively into one great looking watch." 

-The Watchier (via Watchexposure)

 "The Lorier Neptune is a great way to get into vintage style.  Or hey, even if you’re not particularly into vintage, but still like dive watches, again, the Lorier Neptune has you covered."