Every component (save for the movement) of a Lorier watch is custom-designed by us and engineered according to our specifications. In other words, we didn't see it fit to take existing parts off-the-shelf, or from a catalog, and simply stamp our brand name on them. Being watch geeks ourselves, our standards are exacting, and we didn't start our own brand to settle for "good enough."

The case

Our cases are made from solid 316L stainless steel. 316 is a popular alloy, second only to 304 in commercial applications. The "L" is added to designate an even lower carbon content, which means higher resistance to blackening and corrosion. As it is proven to be consistent and reliable to work with, the use of 316L is standard across the watch industry.

Having our cases in actual vintage sizes was essential in order to recreate the elegance and fit of classic icons. Notice the refined, high-grade brushing on the case, as well as the polished, chamfered lugs that accentuate its clean lines. "Fit and finish" is a vague term for most, but we studied every angle down to the tenth of a millimeter to see how each line plays with light and molds to the wrist, so that everything feels just right. To top it all off, we use old-school plexiglass crystals with box and bubble domes: a quality that gives vintage watches their unique charm.

"Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet.”

Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

The bracelet

Also made of 316L stainless steel, the bracelet is a completely custom design. The 20/16mm taper and flat links harken back to classic dive bracelets, while increasing comfort and elegance. Each link can rotate on itself (in other words, individually articulating) in order to provide maximum comfort on the wrist. Additionally, the bracelet is lightweight but each link is actually solid,  so that it feels like a vintage dive watch bracelet, but won't loosen over time like one. Strap changes are made easy thanks to the drilled case lugs, and screw pins securing the links make resizing a breeze (we also provide the screwdriver needed), so you can adjust your Lorier right at home.


Water resistance

We're mindful of the fact that water resistance is a key factor in a watch's everyday wearability. Each Lorier is pressure tested to ensure that it won't flood when wet, up to its depth rating (20 ATM for the dive watches). Our dive watches are designed and engineered to meet ISO 6425 specifications (although we do not pursue certification, simply because the cost of the certificate would incur a higher cost for owners). 


Luminosity also contributes to a watch's wearability, as it increases legibility in low-light conditions. However, gone are the days where glow-in-the-dark means sickly yellow or green hues. We use Swiss BGW9 Luminova, known for its creamy whiteness in bright light and gorgeous blue glow in low light, so that your watch is pleasing to look at and highly functional in all conditions.  

Our love for vintage watches comes from the fact that they were designed and built to be worn everyday, and to everything. Our goal is to make watches that look vintage, feel vintage, and work like newas if you had a vintage watch you could wear for its original purpose. With an uncompromising commitment to quality design, engineering, and materials, we strive to make every Lorier a watch that can truly go with you.